Cavary Baptist Church History


            In August, 1947 under the shade of an elm tree in Nevada, Missouri, Calvary Baptist Church had its beginning.  Born out of sincere heart-searching, earnest prayer, and zeal to see souls won into the Kingdom of God, the church began with 76 members.  Without the hard work, commitment, and encouragement of these faithful to the Lord and the preaching of the Word by the many special pastors sent by God, the work would not have gone on.

            The church was organized on Wednesday, July 29, 1947 at the home of Thomas Hawk.  The name Calvary Baptist church was selected from a suggested list offered by the membership.  The first prayer meeting was held on Wednesday, August 6, 1947 at the home of Thomas Hawk farm south of Nevada. The first Sunday School and Worship services were held on the Hawk farm on August 10, 1947.  The first church building was located on the corner of Lynn and Central and was used for a year.  In 1948, the church purchased an empty brick store building and property on North Ash to serve as the new church building because it had more space for the growing congregation.  In April 1952, the Calvary Baptist Church purchased the Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church building on the corner of Arch and Cedar where the current church remains today.

            Under the shepherding of our many special pastors, many young men and women have surrendered their lives into the service of the Lord.  Some are missionaries, pastors, youth directors, or music directors.  God is using these young people in many areas of his service.  Calvary has a good ministry to people, we thank God for this. 

Submitted by Chris Morris